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Glenmorangie Emblem Gift Set


750ml, bottle

The Glenmorangie Emblem Gift Set is an elegant presentation featuring a bottle of their signature Glenmorangie Original single malt scotch and two Glenmorangie branded tumblers. Inspired by the swirling pattern of the Signet emblem, this set offers a taste of Glenmorangie's heritage and a perfect way to enjoy their smooth and approachable whisky.



The initial whiff is an invitation to a delightful orchard. Imagine a basket overflowing with dried fruits like plump figs and juicy apricots. These sweet and slightly tart aromas are intertwined with hints of caramel and vanilla, hinting at the influence of maturation in ex-sherry casks. As you delve deeper, a subtle touch of oak emerges, adding a touch of complexity and dryness.


The first sip delivers on the promise of the nose – smooth and mellow. The sweetness from the dried fruits translates beautifully onto the palate. Imagine biting into a fig, with its rich and honeyed character. This sweetness is balanced by the influence of the sherry casks, adding a touch of caramel and a hint of raisin. Don’t miss the subtle notes of oak spice, which might present as a touch of cinnamon or clove. These spices add complexity and depth, preventing the sweetness from becoming cloying. A surprising note of dark chocolate might emerge in the background, adding a touch of richness and sophistication. The overall texture is velvety and leaves a pleasant warmth on the tongue.


The finish of Glenmorangie Original is a delightful balance of sweetness and dryness. The lingering sweetness from the dried fruits and caramel fades slowly, leaving a touch of oak spice on the back of the throat. This oaky dryness ensures the finish isn’t overly sweet and provides a clean and refreshing conclusion.

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Single Malt








750ml, bottle


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