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Hatozaki Omakase Pure Malt Whisky


750ml, bottle

Hatozaki Omakase Pure Malt Whisky is a small-batch, 8-year-aged blend of Japanese single malts. Crafted with meticulous care, it utilizes a combination of ex-bourbon casks and rare Mizunara oak casks to create a complex and flavorful whisky.


Hatozaki Omakase Pure Malt Whisky is a meticulously crafted blend of Japanese single malts, each aged for a minimum of 8 years. This small-batch whisky embodies the spirit of “Omakase,” the Japanese concept of trusting the expertise of a chef. In this case, the whisky maker acts as your guide, blending various single malts to create a harmonious and delightful experience.

The aging process takes place in a thoughtful marriage of ex-bourbon casks and rare Mizunara oak casks. The ex-bourbon casks, previously used for American bourbon, impart warm notes of vanilla and creamy caramel, laying a smooth foundation for the whisky’s character. This is then artfully complemented by the magic of Mizunara oak. This revered Japanese oak, known for its delicate yet complex influence, adds a touch of spice and a whisper of sandalwood, creating a truly unique dimension to the flavor profile.

As you raise a glass of Hatozaki Omakase, prepare for a delightful exploration. The initial aroma might greet you with a gentle sweetness of honey and hints of citrus, intertwined with the subtle smokiness of toasted cereal. The first sip will likely unveil the rich malty core, layered with the vanilla and caramel notes from the bourbon casks. As the whisky unfolds on your palate, a symphony of flavors emerges – hints of dried fruit, a touch of peppery spice from the Mizunara, and a whisper of toasted nuts. The finish lingers pleasantly, leaving behind a delicate smokiness and a touch of honeyed sweetness, creating a well-balanced and truly memorable experience.

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Hatozaki Japanese Whisky


750ml, bottle


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