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Hatozaki Small Batch Whisky


750ml, bottle

Hatozaki Small Batch Whisky is a meticulously crafted Japanese whisky boasting a unique blend of 100% malt whiskies. Aged for several years in a combination of ex-bourbon, ex-sherry, and prized Mizunara oak casks, it delivers a rich and complex flavor profile. This small-batch production, limited to under 20 casks per blend, ensures a premium experience for discerning whiskey lovers.


The first sip is a revelation. Unlike some heavier whiskies, Hatozaki boasts a light and easy-drinking character. A wave of light and fruity flavors washes over the tongue, dominated by the sweetness of breakfast cereals and a hint of dried fruit, perhaps apricot or raisin. This initial sweetness is balanced by a subtle earthiness, adding complexity and preventing the dram from becoming cloying.

As you savor the whisky, the influence of the casks becomes more apparent. Delicate wisps of smoke, a legacy of the charred ex-bourbon barrels, peek through, adding a touch of intrigue. The sherry cask influence might present as a whisper of dried fruit or a hint of nutty complexity, depending on the specific batch. Finally, the Mizunara oak makes its subtle entrance, leaving a lingering hint of sandalwood and spice on the finish.

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Hatozaki Japanese Whisky


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Round, generous and unpeated. The sweet taste of malted cereals and dried fruit are uplifted by a light smoky undertone and an aromatic honey finish on the palate.