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Heaven Hill Distillery Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey


750ml, bottle

Heaven Hill Distillery Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey is a Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey, pioneering a fresh style of American whiskey post-Prohibition. Aged for seven years, this whiskey features winter wheat as its main grain, yielding a gentle and velvety flavor profile. Its notes of toffee, berries, and spice make it an ideal choice for enjoying straight or as a key ingredient in cocktails.


A Pioneering Spirit

Bernheim Original isn’t just any wheat whiskey; it holds a special place in American whiskey history. This 7-year-aged spirit breaks away from the traditional rye or corn base, using soft winter wheat as its primary grain.

A Smooth Operator

The choice of winter wheat contributes significantly to Bernheim’s signature smoothness. Aged for seven years in open-air rickhouses, the whiskey interacts with the natural temperature fluctuations, creating a mellow and easy-drinking character.

Aromatic Allure

On the nose, Bernheim offers a delightful interplay of aromas. Gentle sweetness emerges with hints of vanilla and honey, followed by a touch of spice. As you delve deeper, you might pick up subtle notes of cedar and oak, hinting at the whiskey’s time spent maturing in charred barrels.

Flavorful Journey

The first sip of Bernheim confirms its smooth reputation. Toffee and berry flavors take center stage, intertwined with a touch of warming spice. Hints of cinnamon and apple peek through, adding complexity to the experience.

Lingering Warmth

The finish of Bernheim Original is elegant and lingers pleasantly on the palate. Toasted oak notes come to the forefront, leaving a touch of warmth behind. This balanced finish makes Bernheim enjoyable neat, on the rocks, or as a base for creative cocktails.

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Heaven Hill Distillery


750ml, bottle


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