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Heaven’s Door Cask Strength Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey


750ml, bottle

Heaven's Door Cask Strength Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey offers an uncompromised bourbon experience. Each bottle is hand-selected from a single barrel, bottled at cask strength for maximum flavor. This results in a bold and robust bourbon, bursting with character and perfect for those who appreciate their bourbon unfiltered and untamed.


Crack the seal on Heaven’s Door Cask Strength and unleash a bourbon adventure unlike any other. This Kentucky spirit embraces the wild side, bottled straight from single barrels at cask strength (usually around 60% ABV). Each bottle boasts a unique fingerprint, a testament to the magic of single-barrel selection. Prepare for an intense encounter – the lack of chill filtration means full-bodied texture and amplified flavors.

The first whiff is a bold declaration. Rich vanilla bean takes center stage, intertwined with the comforting sweetness of caramel. The oak influence is undeniable, a sturdy foundation for the symphony to come. Hints of baking spice like cinnamon and nutmeg might add warmth, while whispers of apple or pear peek through, hinting at hidden fruitiness.

The first sip is a revelation. The higher proof delivers a powerful punch, instantly warming your palate. The vanilla and caramel notes explode, richer and more intense than their chill-filtered brethren. The lack of filtration allows the unique character of the barrel to shine. Charred oak whispers of smokiness, while subtle hints of leather or tobacco, depending on the barrel’s journey, add complexity. The fruitiness translates into delicate bursts on the tongue, a refreshing counterpoint to the richness.

The finish is a long and rewarding farewell. The intense flavors slowly fade, leaving a warm aftertaste. The sweetness lingers, intertwined with spice and oak. The higher alcohol content might leave a gentle tingle, a reminder of the untamed spirit within. But for those who appreciate a bold bourbon experience, this lingering warmth is a welcome reward.

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Heaven's Door


750ml, bottle


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