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Heaven’s Door & Redbreast Irish Whiskey 10YR Straight Bourbon Master Blenders’ Edition


750ml, bottle

A Heaven's Door & Redbreast Irish Whiskey 10YR Straight Bourbon Master Blenders' Edition resulting from a unique collaboration between Bob Dylan's Heaven's Door and the legendary Redbreast Irish Whiskey. This 10-year-old bourbon is finished in Redbreast's signature single pot still casks, infusing it with complex flavors unlike any American whiskey.



Bourbon foundation: The initial aroma presents the familiar sweetness of vanilla and caramel associated with aged bourbon.

Fruity intrigue: Taking a deeper breath reveals a layer of complexity with hints of red fruits, like cherries or plums. These fruity notes are a delightful surprise, courtesy of the Redbreast cask influence.

Spicy whispers: Subtle hints of spice emerge, potentially including cinnamon, nutmeg, or even a touch of black pepper. This spice adds intrigue and complements the sweetness.

Nutty undertones: A whisper of nuttiness, reminiscent of almonds or walnuts, might linger in the background, adding another layer of complexity.


Spicy introduction: The first sip might surprise you with a gentle wave of spice, likely due to the rye grain commonly used in American bourbon mash bills. This spice is pleasant and quickly integrates with the other flavors.

Fruity harmony: The spice gives way to a delightful harmony of fruit flavors. Imagine a medley of red fruits like cherries and plums, dancing alongside the vanilla and caramel notes from the bourbon.

Leather hint: A subtle touch of leather emerges mid-palate, adding a touch of sophistication and dryness often associated with aged spirits. This hint of leather is likely a result of the Redbreast cask influence.

Nutty echo: The nutty undertones from the aroma return on the palate, offering a subtle but pleasant complexity.


Warming and lingering: The finish is warm and lingering, with echoes of vanilla, caramel, spice, and a touch of fruit. The Redbreast cask influence might leave a hint of oak tannin on the tongue, adding a pleasant dryness.

Overall balance: Despite the complexity, the Master Blenders’ Edition maintains a well-rounded and balanced character. The sweetness, spice, fruit, and nuttiness work together seamlessly, creating a truly unique and enjoyable whiskey experience.

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United States




Heaven's Door


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Full and complex- body by way of Rich Ripe Fruit, Red Apples, Figs & Dates, as well as an unmistakable nutty note of Marzipan and Ground Nut, especially in the finish.