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Hirsch The Horizon Straight Bourbon Whiskey with Luxardo Maraschino Cherries

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Hirsch The Horizon is a straight bourbon whiskey bottled at 92 proof. It combines two bourbons distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, for a complex flavor profile. The whiskey is not chill filtered, preserving its natural taste. Luxardo maraschino cherries, known for their sweet and luxurious taste, are included in the package.


Potential Flavor Profile

Rye Spice: The high-rye content (21% and potentially more in the 6% component) suggests a prominent rye influence. This translates to notes of peppery spice, cinnamon, and maybe even some mint on the palate.

Corn Sweetness: The 75% corn in the primary mash bill contributes sweetness and a smooth body. Expect hints of vanilla, caramel, and maybe even some cornbread-like toastiness.

Malted Barley: The 4% malted barley adds a touch of grainy sweetness and might introduce subtle hints of biscuit or bread dough to the flavor profile.

Age Impact: The whiskey’s age (around 5-6 years) suggests it will be approachable and balanced. The oak barrels used for aging likely imparted notes of vanilla, baking spices (like clove), and maybe even some subtle hints of coconut.

Luxardo Maraschino Cherries

These cherries are known for their sweet and luxurious taste.  Adding them to the bourbon can introduce notes of maraschino liqueur, with hints of cherry, almond, and rose water. This can complement the sweetness from the corn and potentially balance some of the rye spice.

Overall Experience

Hirsch The Horizon promises a complex and well-rounded bourbon experience. The rye spice provides a backbone, balanced by the sweetness of corn and malted barley. The aging adds depth and character, while the Luxardo cherries offer a touch of sweetness and fruitiness. Expect a smooth, flavorful, and potentially spicy bourbon with a touch of cherry on the finish.

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