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Hudson New York Corn


750ml, bottle

Hudson New York Corn Whiskey is a true American spirit, distilled from 100% New York corn and bottled unaged. This crystal-clear whiskey offers a unique taste of the American grain, perfect for sipping neat, enjoying on the rocks, or using as a base for creative cocktails.



The initial whiff is clean and refreshing, unlike the oaky notes found in aged whiskies. Imagine yourself standing in a field of ripe corn on a crisp autumn day. A subtle sweetness fills the air, hinting at the corn’s natural sugars. This sweetness is balanced by a touch of grassy or hay-like aroma, reminiscent of the corn plant itself. You might also detect a hint of cereal grain, adding a touch of complexity. Overall, the aroma is light and inviting, setting the stage for a unique tasting experience.


The first sip confirms the corn-forward character hinted at in the aroma. A wave of sweetness washes over your tongue, but it’s not overpowering. Imagine biting into a fresh kernel of corn – the sweetness is there, but it’s subtle and natural. This sweetness mingles beautifully with a subtle grain character. Think of the flavor of freshly baked cornbread, minus the buttery richness. This grainy element adds depth and prevents the sweetness from becoming cloying.

As the whiskey lingers on your tongue, you might detect a hint of earthiness. This isn’t a dirty or unpleasant earthiness, but rather a subtle reminder of the corn’s origins in the soil. For some tasters, a touch of pepper or spice might emerge, adding a hint of complexity and warmth.


The corn flavor remains the center of attention in the midpalate. However, a touch of fruitiness might emerge. Imagine a fleeting note of apple or pear, adding a layer of unexpected intrigue. This fruitiness is likely due to the natural fermentation process and doesn’t overpower the core corn character.


The finish of Hudson New York Corn Whiskey is light and clean, a testament to its un-aged nature. The sweetness fades gradually, leaving a touch of spice lingering on your tongue. This spice might manifest as a hint of white pepper or a gentle warmth, adding a pleasant tingle and ensuring a refreshing conclusion. The grainy character from the corn might also linger, reminding you of the spirit’s unique identity.

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750ml, bottle


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