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Jack Daniel’s Bonded Rye Whiskey With Multi-Use Bartender Tool

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700ml, bottle

This limited-edition bundle combines Jack Daniel's Bonded Rye Whiskey, known for its spicy and smooth character, with a multi-use bartender tool. The tool helps you craft your favorite rye whiskey cocktails at home, shaking, twisting, or muddling ingredients with ease.


Jack Daniel’s Bonded Rye Whiskey Breakdown

Rye Mash Bill: Jack Daniel’s doesn’t disclose the exact rye percentage, but rye whiskey requires at least 51%. This rye influence is the key player, bringing a distinct spice profile to the forefront. Expect notes of:

Peppery Spice: A signature characteristic of rye whiskey. The intensity can vary depending on the rye percentage and grain selection.

Cinnamon: Warming spice notes that complement the peppery character.

Mint: Sometimes a subtle hint of mint peeks through, adding a refreshing complexity.

Jack Daniel’s Twist: While rye is the star, don’t forget the Jack Daniel’s touch. They’re known for using a unique charcoal mellowing process before aging. This might introduce:

Smoothness: The charcoal filtering helps create a smoother mouthfeel, balancing the rye spice.

Hints of Vanilla & Caramel: These subtle notes might be present from the aging in charred oak barrels.

Bottled-in-Bond Designation: This means the whiskey is at least 4 years old, distilled at one distillery in one season, and bottled at 100 proof. This ensures a level of quality and consistency.

Overall Experience

Jack Daniel’s Bonded Rye Whiskey promises a rye-forward experience with a signature Jack Daniel’s smoothness. The rye spice takes center stage, complemented by hints of cinnamon, pepper, and maybe even a touch of mint. The charcoal mellowing creates a pleasant mouthfeel, and subtle hints of vanilla and caramel add complexity.

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700ml, bottle


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