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Jameson Cold Brew

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750ml, bottle

Jameson Cold Brew is a unique and innovative blend of Irish whiskey and cold brew coffee. It is perfect for those who enjoy the smooth taste of Jameson Irish Whiskey with a hint of coffee flavor.  This delicious spirit can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, making it a versatile addition to any bar.


On the Nose

The first impression is an intense aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans, a dark and inviting fragrance that awakens the senses. Hints of vanilla nuttiness, characteristic of Jameson, weave through the coffee, creating a warm and inviting aroma. Subtle undertones of toasted oak peek through, a whisper from the whiskey’s maturation in seasoned barrels.

On the Palate

The initial sip delivers a distinctive and bold sensation. The refreshing impact of cold brew coffee floods the palate, a clean and invigorating wave. As the coffee flavor settles, the familiar warmth of Jameson emerges, carrying notes of caramel and toasted nuts. The pot still whiskey’s contribution is evident in the subtle charred wood notes that dance on the tongue. The balance between the coffee and whiskey is key, with neither overpowering the other.

The Finish

Jameson Cold Brew leaves a long and lingering impression. The coffee bitterness lingers pleasantly, while the smooth and warming character of the whiskey rounds out the experience. It’s a satisfying and complex finish that invites another sip.

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750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes

Coffee Richness

Coffee Richness

Natural cold brew coffee flavor, made with 100% Arabica coffee. No added sugar.

Mellow Mouthfeel

Mellow Mouthfeel

With notes of toasted oak and dark chocolate.