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Jesse James Tennessee Whiskey Single Barrel

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750ml, bottle

Jesse James Tennessee Whiskey Single Barrel offers a unique twist on the Tennessee whiskey experience. Each bottle is hand-selected from a single barrel, showcasing the distinct character of the wood it matured in. Expect a smooth and flavorful whiskey with notes of vanilla, banana, and hints of spice, all influenced by the specific barrel chosen.



Initial Impression: Look for a welcoming sweetness with prominent notes of vanilla extract. This sweetness is likely amplified by the Lincoln County Process, where the whiskey is filtered through charcoal mellowing. Hints of ripe banana might emerge, adding a unique fruity note. Some reviewers detect a touch of corn sweetness, hinting at the undisclosed mash bill.

Deeper Sniffs: As you delve deeper, expect a touch of baking spice like cinnamon or nutmeg to appear. Depending on the specific barrel used, you might catch a hint of oak influence presenting as toasted wood or even a touch of vanilla bean. Subtly floral notes or even a hint of citrus peel could be present in some barrels, adding a touch of freshness.


First Sip: The light to medium body offers a smooth and easy entrance. The moderate proof (around 86 proof) ensures a gentle warmth that complements the flavors. The sweetness from the aroma translates onto the palate, with vanilla taking center stage. Hints of banana add a unique twist, differentiating it from typical Tennessee whiskeys.

Midpalate: As the whiskey opens up, the Lincoln County Process influence becomes more noticeable. Expect a smooth and creamy texture, with the charcoal mellowing removing any harsh edges. The baking spice notes like cinnamon or nutmeg become more pronounced, adding complexity. Depending on the age of the barrel, hints of caramel or toffee sweetness might emerge, alongside a subtle oaky dryness.


Lingering Flavors: The sweetness fades gradually, leaving a pleasant warmth and a touch of oaky dryness on the palate. Hints of vanilla and baking spice linger alongside a subtle banana note. The overall finish is smooth and clean, showcasing the signature smoothness of Tennessee whiskey.


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Jesse James Spirits


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes

Finish & Character

Finish & Character

Incredibly smooth and full flavored.