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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami

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750ml, bottle

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami is a groundbreaking limited-edition blended Scotch whisky. It pushes boundaries by exploring the elusive "fifth taste," umami, resulting in a complex and savory flavor profile unlike any other whisky.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami defies traditional whisky expectations. 


A complex interplay of aromas, with notes of sweet and savory elements. Hints of blood orange and red berries mingle with wood spice, a touch of smoked meat, and a surprising whisper of salt and pepper.


The first sip delivers a beautifully balanced dance of flavors. Sweet notes of fruit and wood are complemented by savory hints of umami, reminiscent of aged meats or roasted vegetables. There’s a touch of smokiness and a subtle pepperiness, adding depth and complexity.


The finish is long and lingering, leaving a pleasant aftertaste that echoes the sweet and savory elements.

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Johnnie Walker


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Notes of blood oranges and red berries, a touch of smoked meat, warming salt and pepper.