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Jura 12 Year Old

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750ml, bottle

Jura 12 Year Old is a type of single malt Scotch whisky that undergoes maturation in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels before being finalized in Oloroso sherry casks. This maturation process creates a well-balanced whisky with notes of honey, spice, banana, and citrus, with a hint of coffee and chocolate on the finish.


Jura 12 Year Old is a single malt Scotch whisky crafted on the remote Isle of Jura, where the whisky is shaped by the rugged coastline and gentle sea breezes. This expression embodies the essence of the island, offering a delightful balance between sweet and smoky notes.

The Maturation Process: A Symphony of Oak

The whisky’s journey begins in ex-bourbon barrels, where it spends twelve years resting and absorbing the rich vanilla, honey, and caramel notes characteristic of American white oak. This initial maturation lays the foundation for Jura’s signature sweetness. Following this, the whisky receives a special touch – a finishing period in aged Oloroso sherry casks from Jerez, Spain.  The Oloroso casks, seasoned with years of holding fortified wine, impart a layer of complexity with hints of dried fruit, warm spice, and a touch of nutty character.

Aromatic Delights: Unveiling the Whisky’s Essence

As you raise the glass, the initial aroma entices with a wave of sweetness. Honey and vanilla mingle with hints of baking spice, creating a warm and inviting fragrance. A closer exploration might reveal subtle notes of citrus and even a touch of cocoa, hinting at the forthcoming depth of flavor.

A Dance on the Palate: Sweetness, Smoke, and Spice

The first sip of Jura 12 Year Old is a revelation. The sweetness from the bourbon barrels unfolds, offering flavors of ripe banana and juicy citrus. This is then met with a surprising whisper of peat smoke, a signature characteristic of some Jura whiskies, adding a touch of intrigue and earthiness. As the whisky lingers on the tongue, the influence of the Oloroso sherry emerges with hints of dried fruit and warm spice. A touch of chocolate provides a final flourish, creating a truly captivating taste experience.

A Lingering Finish: A Toast to Time

The finish of Jura 12 Year Old is long and warming, leaving you with a pleasant aftertaste. The coffee and dark chocolate notes from the sherry casks linger, perfectly complementing the subtle smokiness. This lingering warmth is a testament to the careful maturation process and the dedication of the Jura distillery.

Overall, Jura 12 Year Old is a well-rounded and approachable single malt whisky, perfect for those who appreciate a balance of sweetness, spice, and a touch of smoke. Its journey through time, shaped by the Isle of Jura and the influence of different cask types, results in a truly memorable dram.


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750ml, bottle


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Refined succulent tropical aromas of chocolate, walnut and citrus fruit



Flavours of honey, salted bananas and brown sugar, with a whisper of smoke