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Kentucky Owl St. Patrick Edition

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750ml, bottle

Kentucky Owl St. Patrick Edition is a limited-edition bourbon honoring St. Patrick's Day. It's a blend of 4- to 11-year-old Kentucky straight bourbons bottled at 100 proof. This whiskey is a collaboration between Kentucky Owl's John Rhea and Irish whiskey maker Louise McGuane, offering a unique blend of Irish and Kentucky bourbon traditions.


The Kentucky Owl St. Patrick’s Edition is a limited-edition bourbon that goes beyond merely wearing green for the holiday. This unique collaboration between Kentucky Owl’s John Rhea and Louise McGuane, a prominent Irish whiskey maker, aims to bridge the gap between American bourbon and Irish whiskey traditions.

Aromatic Allure

The first impression comes from the inviting nose. Imagine a gentle wave of sweetness with warm caramel and honey leading the charge. Look closer, and a touch of baking spice, perhaps cinnamon or nutmeg, peeks through, adding a delightful complexity. Some reviewers have also detected subtle hints of vanilla and even tobacco, creating a truly layered and intriguing aroma.

Flavorful Journey

The first sip takes you on a full-bodied journey. The initial sweetness of caramel and butterscotch unfolds, reminiscent of frosted cinnamon rolls and decadent desserts. But Kentucky Owl doesn’t stop there. As the spirit lingers on the palate, a surprising citrus twist emerges, like a splash of orange marmalade or a hint of candied lemon peel. This adds a refreshing balance to the sweetness and keeps things interesting. Some enthusiasts even detect a subtle presence of dark chocolate and cocoa, further enriching the flavor profile.

Mid-palate Surprise

Don’t let the initial sweetness fool you. The mid-palate holds a delightful surprise – a burst of bright forest fruit notes. This unexpected layer adds a touch of tartness that cuts through the richness and keeps the bourbon vibrant. Think of it like a burst of juicy berries that awakens your taste buds and prepares them for the finale.

Lingering Finish

The Kentucky Owl St. Patrick’s Edition concludes with a long and lingering finish. The warmth of vanilla takes center stage, leaving a smooth and pleasant aftertaste. Hints of oak, a subtle reminder of the aging process, gently emerge, adding depth and character. This balanced and satisfying finish leaves you wanting another sip to experience the entire journey once again.

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Kentucky Owl


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



A nose of sweet caramel and honey with just enough spice married in, to pleasantly tease the palate.



Long notes of caramel, butterscotch, frosted cinnamon roll. Chocolate orange, candy floss, and intro some citrus peel.



A bright forest fruit on the mid palate and a long lingering finish with vanilla pod and some balanced wood influence.