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Kilbeggan Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey


750ml, bottle

Kilbeggan Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is a unique expression crafted from a blend of malted and unmalted barley, along with a small portion of oats. This traditional recipe, triple-distilled in copper pot stills, results in a smooth and creamy whiskey with a complex flavor profile.



The initial whiff of Kilbeggan Single Pot Still greets you with a welcoming sweetness. Honey and vanilla notes take center stage, hinting at the maturation in ex-bourbon barrels. Digging deeper reveals a layer of complexity. Peppery spice adds a touch of warmth, while hints of fresh green apple, orange blossom, and maybe even a whisper of apricot introduce a fruity dimension. Rounding out the aroma are subtle suggestions of toasted almonds and hazelnuts, adding a touch of nutty richness.


The first sip delivers on the promise of the nose – smooth and creamy. This signature texture is largely attributed to the inclusion of oats in the mash bill. The creamy base is quickly joined by a wave of honeyed sweetness, showcasing the influence of the ex-bourbon casks. Hints of malt character emerge, reminding you of the barley used in the whiskey’s creation. As the flavors unfurl, a gentle citrus zestiness, like lemon or grapefruit, adds a refreshing note. Underlying all of this is a subtle warmth from the pot still spice, a hallmark of Irish whiskey.


The finish of Kilbeggan Single Pot Still lingers pleasantly on the tongue. The sweetness from the honey and vanilla fades slowly, leaving a touch of spiciness that tingles at the back of the throat. Hints of toasted wood, likely oak from the maturation casks, add a touch of dryness and complexity to the lingering warmth.

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750ml, bottle


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