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Maker’s Mark 101 Proof Bourbon Whisky

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750ml, bottle

A limited-release, cask-strength bourbon with a slightly higher proof (101) compared to Maker's Mark's signature expression. This results in a richer flavor profile with notes of spice and fruit, while maintaining the brand's signature smoothness.


A Collector’s Curiosity: Maker’s Mark 101 Proof is a special release bourbon, not always gracing store shelves. Originally offered only to distillery visitors, this cask-strength expression boasts a slightly higher proof (101) compared to the classic Maker’s Mark (90 proof). This seemingly small bump translates to a richer, more robust flavor profile for bourbon enthusiasts.

Tasting Journey:  Crack open a bottle and be greeted by an inviting aroma that melds ripe fruit with a bold kick of spice. The first sip explodes on your palate, offering a surprisingly smooth texture despite the higher proof. Rich, creamy notes intertwine with hints of fruit and warming spice, creating a complex and satisfying experience. The finish is where Maker’s Mark shines – mellow and creamy, it lingers pleasantly, leaving you wanting another sip.

Beyond the Basics: Unlike the standard Maker’s Mark with its wheated mash bill, the exact makeup of Maker’s Mark 101 Proof’s grains remains a closely guarded secret.  This adds to the intrigue for bourbon aficionados who enjoy dissecting the subtle nuances imparted by different grains.

Crafted for Cocktails:  The extra kick of Maker’s Mark 101 Proof makes it a perfect choice for cocktails. The bolder flavors hold their own against other ingredients, ensuring your Old Fashioned or Manhattan doesn’t get watered down by melting ice or assertive mixers.

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Maker's Mark


750ml, bottle


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