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New Holland Spirits Beer Barrel Rye


750ml, bottle

New Holland Spirits Beer Barrel Rye takes a unique approach to rye whiskey. It undergoes a double maturation process, first aging in new American oak barrels, then receiving a special finish in barrels that previously held New Holland's Dragon's Milk Stout. This results in a rye whiskey with unexpected flavors and a touch of sweetness.


Aromatic Intrigue

The first encounter with New Holland Beer Barrel Rye is an invitation to a curious dance. As you approach the glass, a wave of familiar rye spice arrives, a peppery heat that tingles the nostrils. Intertwined with this classic rye signature are hints of cinnamon and baking spices, whispers from the new American oak maturation. But then, a surprise emerges – a gentle sweetness, almost like vanilla frosting, hinting at the influence of the Dragon’s Milk stout casks. This unexpected twist piques your curiosity, begging you to delve deeper.

A Flavorful Revolution

The first sip of New Holland Beer Barrel Rye is a revelation. The rye spice you anticipated is present, a gentle warmth that coats the tongue. But then, the magic unfolds. Unexpected flavors, courtesy of the Dragon’s Milk casks, begin to emerge. Imagine waves of honeyed sweetness washing over your palate, followed by subtle hints of almond and perhaps even a touch of cocoa. These sweeter elements don’t overpower the rye character, but rather create a fascinating tension, a dance between tradition and sweet rebellion. The oak influence from the initial maturation adds a touch of vanilla and subtle tannins, providing structure and complexity to the overall flavor profile.

A Lingering Farewell

The finish of New Holland Beer Barrel Rye is as intriguing as its aroma and taste. The initial rye spice gradually fades, leaving behind a lingering sweetness that whispers of honey and vanilla. Hints of cocoa or coffee might linger as well, a subtle reminder of the stout cask influence. The overall impression is smooth and surprisingly balanced, with the rye spice and sweetness existing in delightful harmony.

A Rye for the Adventurous

New Holland Beer Barrel Rye is not your typical rye whiskey. It’s a spirit for those who enjoy a bit of experimentation and appreciate a unique twist on tradition. The beer barrel finish adds a delightful layer of complexity, making it approachable for a wider audience while still offering a captivating experience for seasoned rye enthusiasts. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or used in creative cocktails, New Holland Beer Barrel Rye promises a journey unlike any other, a testament to the innovative spirit of American whiskey.

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New Holland Spirits


750ml, bottle


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