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New Liberty Bloody Butcher Bourbon


750ml, bottle

New Liberty Bloody Butcher Bourbon is a unique spirit celebrating Pennsylvania's agricultural heritage. Made with a distinctive heirloom corn variety and aged for one year, it offers a complex flavor profile with notes of grass, earth, stone fruit, and a hint of spice.



First Impression: Brace yourself for a departure from the norm. Forget the usual wave of caramel and vanilla. Instead, expect earthy and grassy notes to dominate. Think freshly cut hay, damp soil, and maybe even a hint of barnyard funk.

Deeper Sniffs: As you delve deeper, subtle complexities emerge. Some enthusiasts detect a hint of peppery spice, adding a touch of intrigue. Floral notes like lavender or violet might also be present in very subtle amounts, depending on the batch and fermentation process.


First Sip: The initial taste can be surprising. The earthy and savory notes from the aroma carry over, but with an interesting twist. Hints of stone fruit like peaches, apricots, or even a touch of melon emerge, adding a layer of unexpected sweetness.

Midpalate: The Bloody Butcher corn’s unique characteristics come into play here. While there’s a touch of sweetness, it’s balanced by a drying spiciness contributed by the rye grain in the mash bill. This interplay creates a complex and evolving flavor profile that some describe as “intriguing” or “challenging.”

Finish: The medium-length finish stays true to the overall profile. Earthy and spicy notes linger, with a touch of oak influence becoming more apparent. Some reviewers detect a hint of dryness or a lingering peppery warmth.

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New Liberty


750ml, bottle


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