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New Liberty Dutch Malt Whiskey


750ml, bottle

New Liberty Dutch Malt Whiskey is a single malt whiskey crafted in the Netherlands. Aged in ex-bourbon barrels, it delivers a unique flavor profile with notes of caramel, toasted bread, and hints of spice. Compared to Scotch whiskies, it leans more towards a rye whiskey character, offering an interesting twist for malt whiskey enthusiasts.



The initial nose offers a welcoming sweetness with prominent notes of caramel and vanilla. These aromas likely come from the maturation in ex-bourbon barrels, where the whiskey absorbs some of the characteristic sweetness from the caramelized sugars.

Alongside the sweetness, you might detect hints of toasted bread or biscuit. This bready character reflects the malted barley used in the whiskey’s creation.

Depending on the bottling, some batches might reveal subtle hints of spice, like cinnamon or nutmeg, or even a touch of oak. The presence of oak suggests some interaction with the barrel during aging, potentially adding a touch of dryness.


The first sip delivers a smooth and malty character, again highlighting the use of malted barley.

The sweetness from the nose translates onto the palate, with notes of caramel and sometimes honey.

Depending on the specific bottling, some reviewers mention a rye-like spiciness. This spiciness could be attributed to the use of a specific malt type or a subtle influence from the barrel.

Other tasters might detect a hint of dark chocolate or coffee in the finish. These darker notes could be a result of the maturation process or the specific type of ex-bourbon barrel used.


The finish of New Liberty Dutch Malt Whiskey is generally described as medium-length. This means the flavors linger on the tongue for a moderate amount of time after swallowing.

The lingering notes typically include a touch of sweetness from the caramel and vanilla, potentially accompanied by a subtle oaky spice depending on the bottling.

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New Liberty


750ml, bottle


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