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Oak & Eden Round Prairie Rye

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750ml, bottle

Oak & Eden Round Prairie Rye is a rye whiskey made in collaboration with the Americana rock band The Civil Wars. It's a bold and spicy rye whiskey with a complex flavor profile.


Oak & Eden Round Prairie Rye isn’t your typical rye whiskey. It takes a unique approach to finishing, ditching the secondary barrel and instead using a “Spire” inside the bottle. This Spire is a 5-inch, toasted piece of French oak, chosen for its porosity and rich botanical content. The toasting level (medium+ char) adds depth and subtle sweetness.

Taste Notes

Nose: The first whiff offers a classic rye whiskey experience with bold notes of rye spice, balanced by warm vanilla and hints of caramel. Digging deeper reveals some unexpected delights – floral notes, reminiscent of lavender, and a touch of licorice that adds intriguing complexity.

Palate: The rye spice takes center stage on the tongue, offering a pleasant kick without overwhelming with heat. Underlying sweetness emerges with flavors of candied fruit and butterscotch, likely influenced by the French oak Spire. Hints of cinnamon and baking spices add a touch of warmth.

Finish: The finish is long and warming, with a silky texture thanks to the French oak influence. The rye spice lingers, but it’s balanced by the sweetness of caramel and vanilla. Subtle notes of smoke and char, imparted by the charred American oak barrels used for aging, peek through at the end.

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Oak & Eden


750ml, bottle


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