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Oban 2022 Special Release 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky


750ml, bottle

This limited-edition Oban 2022 Special Release 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky offers a unique twist on the distillery's signature style. Aged for 10 years and finished in a combination of ex-sherry and Amontillado seasoned casks, it delivers a complex flavor profile with maritime notes, rich sweetness, and a touch of spice.


Oban is known for its light and elegant style with a hint of maritime influence. This special release builds on that foundation with the sherry and Amontillado cask finish. Here’s a potential breakdown of the flavor profile:

Oban Signature

Expect a gentle maritime influence with hints of salt, seaweed, and maybe even a touch of ozone. This characteristic freshness is a hallmark of Oban malts.

Sherry Cask Influence

The ex-sherry casks likely imparted notes of dried fruits like raisins and prunes, along with hints of spice and nutty character.

Amontillado Influence

This is a drier style of sherry, potentially contributing a touch of citrus and a more subtle sweetness compared to regular sherry.

Fruity Notes

Combined, the sherry and Amontillado casks might introduce additional fruit notes like apple, pear, or even a hint of orange peel.

Overall Experience

Oban 2022 Special Release 10 Year Old promises a unique and intriguing take on the Oban distillery character. Expect a complex and well-rounded dram with a balance of maritime character, rich sweetness from the sherry casks, a touch of spice, and a hint of citrus. Being a limited edition, it’s a special opportunity for Oban fans and single malt enthusiasts to explore a new facet of this beloved distillery.

Additional information

Product Type



Single Malt




United Kingdom




750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Hints of salt crystal, edible seaweed, and ozone-fresh sea air with a faint smokiness.



Long, smooth chili pepper.



Wine-fruit notes with hints of sweet violet and spiced plum balanced by spiciness.