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Old Fourth Distillery Bottled in Bond Bourbon


750ml, bottle

Old Fourth Distillery Bottled in Bond Bourbon is a small-batch, Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey aged for at least four years. Crafted with a traditional mash bill and aged in new, charred oak barrels, this bourbon delivers a complex flavor profile with notes of citrus peel, dark chocolate, and cinnamon. Bottled at 100 proof, it's a great choice for neat sipping or using in cocktails.


Old Fourth Distillery Bottled in Bond Bourbon is a carefully orchestrated symphony of flavors, each sip a journey through the nuances imparted by time and tradition. Aged for at least four years in new, charred oak barrels, this Kentucky straight bourbon emerges boasting a complex character that’s both inviting and intriguing.

The Olfactory Invitation

The first act unfolds on the nose, an enticing invitation to delve deeper. Breathe in and discover a delightful medley of aromas. Bright citrus peel, like a whisper of lemon zest, mingles with the juicy sweetness of orange flesh. A subtle warmth follows, with the gentle spice of white pepper and the comforting aroma of cinnamon. A touch of oak spice rounds out the experience, hinting at the time spent maturing within the barrel.

The Flavorful Crescendo

As the bourbon graces your palate, the experience intensifies. The initial burst might surprise you with a spicy kick and a mouth-drying sensation. Fear not, for this quickly transitions into a delightful dance of flavors. Tart cherries, reminiscent of a summer pie filling, mingle with the rich depth of dark chocolate. The ever-present cinnamon adds a warming note, while a subtle herbal whisper adds intriguing complexity.

The Lingering Encore

The final act unfolds as the bourbon lingers on your palate. The finish is refreshing and surprisingly minty, leaving a cool and pleasant aftertaste. It’s a lingering reminder of the symphony you’ve just experienced, each note echoing in a satisfying way.

Beyond the Notes

This complexity is a testament to the meticulous crafting process. The high corn content in the mash bill lays the foundation for a natural sweetness that complements the oaky character imparted by the aging barrels. The unique filtration process removes any harsh barrel char fragments, resulting in a smooth and oily texture that further enhances the drinking experience.

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United States


Old Fourth Distillery


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



As you take a sip, be prepared for an explosion of flavor - a perfect blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and luscious caramel. And as the spice lingers, indulge in the delightful sweetness of butterscotch and caramel that lingers on your palate. This bourbon is a true sensory delight from start to finish.



Experience the exquisite aromas of honey, dark fruits, raisins, and floral notes in this meticulously crafted bourbon. Its smooth and oily texture is the result of a unique filtration process that removes any barrel char fragments.



It's complex taste of chocolate-cocoa swings into a spicy nuttiness of hazel and pecan, rich harvest corn and sun-dried hay. Hints of fruit like cherry and fig linger in the background.