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Ole Smoky® Cookie Dough Whiskey

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750ml, bottle

Ole Smoky® Cookie Dough Whiskey is a unique flavored whiskey inspired by everyone's favorite childhood treat. This Tennessee whiskey is infused with natural flavors of cookie dough, offering a sweet and playful spirit perfect for after-dinner drinks or creative cocktails.



The initial nose welcomes you with a wave of warm nostalgia. Imagine opening a fresh bag of chocolate chip cookie dough – the aroma of sweet brown sugar and vanilla dominates, instantly transporting you to the kitchen. These sweet notes are the foundation of the cookie dough experience and ensure a welcoming first impression.

Following the sweetness, a hint of spice might emerge. Imagine a whisper of cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg. These spices are used very carefully and don’t overpower the sweetness.  Instead, they add a touch of complexity and warmth, mimicking the spices often found in real cookie dough recipes. This interplay between sweetness and spice is what makes the aroma so intriguing.


The first sip confirms the promise of the aroma – a delightful and unexpected adventure for your taste buds. The sweet brown sugar and vanilla flavors translate beautifully onto the palate, coating your tongue with a familiar and comforting sweetness. These flavors aren’t cloying, but perfectly capture the essence of freshly made cookie dough.

But beneath the sweetness, a hint of nuttiness might emerge. Imagine a subtle touch of almond or a whisper of walnut. These nutty notes could come from the natural flavors used or might be a hint from the base Tennessee whiskey. They add a touch of depth and complexity to the sweetness, preventing it from becoming one-dimensional.

Beyond the Sweetness

While sweetness takes center stage, the Tennessee whiskey base ensures a smooth and approachable foundation for the experience. Imagine a very subtle hint of oak or a touch of grain character lurking beneath the sweetness. These subtle hints remind you that there’s a real whiskey base present, adding a touch of structure and preventing the sweetness from becoming overwhelming.

The Creamy Finish

The finish of Ole Smoky® Cookie Dough Whiskey is light and creamy, ensuring a satisfying conclusion. The vanilla character lingers on your tongue, reminding you of the sweet and playful nature of the spirit. The creamy texture might also evoke the feeling of biting into a fresh ball of cookie dough.

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Ole Smoky


750ml, bottle


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