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Pendleton Whisky

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750ml, bottle

Pendleton Whisky is a unique blend of Canadian whiskies crafted with American inspiration. Aged in American oak barrels and finished with glacier-fed spring water from Mount Hood, Oregon, this whisky offers a smooth and approachable flavor profile with a hint of Western character.



The initial nose of Pendleton whisky welcomes you with a wave of sweetness, hinting at the American oak barrel influence. Imagine opening a fresh jar of golden honey – the sweetness is there, but it’s not cloying. Hints of vanilla bean might also emerge, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to the aroma. This sweetness is a signature of whiskies matured in American oak barrels, and Pendleton uses it effectively to create a welcoming first impression.

But beneath the sweetness, a hint of something more emerges. Imagine a subtle whisper of tropical fruits like peach and apricot. This fruity character might be influenced by the specific Canadian whiskies used in the blend or by additional flavoring techniques. It adds a layer of intrigue and complexity to the aroma, hinting at the delightful surprises to come on the palate.


The first sip confirms the promise of the aroma – a smooth and easy-drinking experience. The honey and vanilla flavors translate beautifully onto the palate, coating your tongue with a familiar and pleasant sweetness. This sweetness isn’t overpowering; it provides a warm and inviting base for the other flavors to emerge.

As the sweetness subsides, a wave of fruitiness washes over your tongue. Imagine the juicy sweetness of a ripe peach or the delicate notes of a sun-ripened apricot.  These fruity notes add a delightful layer of complexity to the overall flavor profile.They prevent the sweetness from becoming cloying and keep the experience interesting. Don’t be surprised if a hint of almond or marzipan emerges alongside the fruitiness. This nutty character might come from the Canadian whisky blend or the specific grains used in its creation, adding a touch of depth and richness.


As the whiskey lingers on your tongue, you might detect a touch of cereal grain. This is a subtle reminder of the Canadian whisky’s origins and adds a textural element to the experience. It also helps balance the sweetness and fruitiness, creating a well-rounded flavor profile.

The Pendleton Twist

While the sweetness and fruitiness take center stage, a hint of American influence peeks through on the midpalate. Imagine a whisper of oak or a touch of spice. This isn’t a dominant flavor, but a subtle reminder of the maturation in American oak barrels and the finishing touch with water from Mount Hood, Oregon. This touch of oak and spice adds a hint of complexity and keeps the experience interesting.


The finish of Pendleton Whisky is clean and crisp, ensuring a refreshing conclusion. The sweetness fades gradually, leaving a hint of dry oak in its wake. This oaky character comes from the whiskey’s maturation and adds a touch of complexity without being overpowering. A lingering hint of spice, like a whisper of cinnamon or a touch of clove, might also appear on the finish. This subtle spice adds warmth and prevents the finish from being overly dry.

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750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Vanilla, honey, butterscotch, and custard join together for a pleasing aroma. Hint of freshly grated cinnamon bark.



Warm fall fruits and honey are balanced with a hint of spice to balance the flavor.



A medium balance and smooth finish.