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Pinhook Rye Munny Straight Rye Whiskey 2022

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750ml, bottle

Pinhook Rye Munny is a straight rye whiskey bottled with a rye-forward personality.Every year, Pinhook crafts a fresh vintage through precise barrel selection, blending in small quantities, and meticulous proofing. The 2022 edition showcases a unique flavor profile with notes of pear, clove, walnut, and honeycomb.


Pinhook doesn’t disclose the specific rye mash bill or cask details, but some potential taste notes can be gleaned from the provided information:

Rye Spice

As a straight rye, expect a prominent rye spice on the palate. This might manifest as peppery heat, cinnamon warmth, or even a hint of mint.

Fruity Notes

The mention of pear suggests a touch of sweetness and a hint of fresh fruitiness, adding complexity.

Baking Spices

Clove hints at the presence of warming spices like clove and nutmeg, complementing the rye spice and adding depth.

Nutty Character

Walnut adds a unique twist, potentially presenting a subtle nutty note on the finish.

Honeycomb Sweetness

A touch of sweetness from the honeycomb description can help balance the rye spice and create a well-rounded flavor profile.

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750ml, bottle


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