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Pinhook Vertical Series Bourbon 7 Year 2022

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750ml, bottle

Pinhook Vertical Series Bourbon 7 Year 2022 is a unique opportunity to explore the aging process of bourbon. This 2022 release features a 7-year-old straight bourbon, crafted from Indiana MGP barrels and bottled at cask strength. The bourbon is non-chill filtered, preserving its natural character.


Since Pinhook doesn’t disclose the specific mash bill, the exact taste profile can vary slightly. However, based on its age and origin, expect a well-rounded and flavorful bourbon experience. 

Vanilla & Caramel

Prominent notes from the aging in new charred oak barrels. These contribute sweetness and a rich backbone to the flavor profile.

Spicy Rye

MGP bourbons often have a rye grain component in the mash bill, which can add a touch of peppery spice and complexity.

Fruity Notes

Hints of apple, pear, or even citrus might emerge, depending on the grain bill and fermentation process.

Oak Influence

Subtle notes of oak, like tannin and a hint of dryness, can add depth and structure to the overall profile.

Overall Experience

Pinhook Vertical Series Bourbon 7 Year 2022 offers a chance to experience a bourbon at its prime drinking age. Expect a well-balanced and flavorful dram with prominent notes of vanilla, caramel, and a touch of rye spice. Hints of fruit and oak add complexity, creating a satisfying and enjoyable sipping experience.

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750ml, bottle


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