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Proof and Wood Roulette Rye Whiskey

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750ml, bottle

Proof and Wood Roulette Rye Whiskey Rye is a straight rye whiskey bottled by Proof and Wood. It's a solid choice for everyday drinking or cocktails, featuring a bold rye spice balanced with hints of fruit and sweetness. Aged for at least 4 years and bottled at 100 proof, it offers good value for its price.


Roulette Rye, bottled by Proof and Wood, is a straight rye whiskey that punches above its weight.  Priced for everyday enjoyment, it offers a flavor profile that’s both bold and nuanced. Here’s a closer look:

The Build

High Rye Mash Bill: This rye whiskey boasts a whopping 95% rye grain in its mash bill, alongside 5% malted barley. This high rye content is what gives Roulette Rye its signature spicy kick.

Aged for Character: Though relatively young at a minimum of 4 years old, the aging in 53-gallon barrels imbues the whiskey with hints of vanilla, caramel, and subtle wood notes.

Non-Chill Filtered: This means the whiskey is bottled without being chilled to remove fatty acids, resulting in a richer mouthfeel and potentially more complex flavors.

The Tasting Experience

Nose: Prepare for a vibrant first impression. The aroma is dominated by sweet and spicy notes – think orange marmalade with a touch of clove and fresh thyme.

Palate: The initial rush of rye spice transforms into an unexpected sweetness. Flavors of dark cherry and candied ginger emerge, with a nutty undertone adding depth.

Finish: The rye spice makes a comeback on the finish, lingering alongside hints of black pepper, savory rosemary, and a touch of browned butter for a satisfying conclusion.

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91 point score from Whisky advocate.


Roulette Rye


750ml, bottle


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