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Proof and Wood The Representative


750ml, bottle

Proof and Wood The Representative is a small-batch, barrel-proof straight bourbon whiskey lauded for its complex flavor profile. Crafted with a mash bill high in rye to impart a spicy flavor, this product is aged for at least four years. This award-winning bourbon is enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails.


Proof and Wood The Representative takes you on a flavor journey that evolves throughout the tasting experience. Here’s a more elaborate breakdown of its description and taste notes:


  • The initial sniff greets you with unexpected notes. Instead of the typical caramel or vanilla found in many bourbons, The Representative offers a unique combination of earthy and sweet aromas.
  • The earthy side presents itself with hints of tree bark or even leather, adding a touch of complexity.
  • Balancing this earthiness is a surprising sweetness reminiscent of crème pâtissière, a rich French pastry cream.


  • The first sip delivers a rich and smooth mouthfeel, despite being bottled at barrel proof.
  • The initial sweetness from the nose translates into subtle hints of browned butter on the palate.
  • Unexpectedly, a delicate floral note of violet emerges, adding another layer of complexity.
  • The rye grain in the mash bill starts to shine through with a subtle peppery spice that builds gradually.


  • The finish is where The Representative truly sets itself apart. It’s long-lasting, leaving a pleasant warmth on your tongue.
  • The earthy notes return, but with a twist. You might pick up hints of licorice root or even a touch of tobacco.
  • The spice intensifies slightly, with traces of bitter herbs lingering in the background.

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Proof and Wood


750ml, bottle


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