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Rare Character Single Barrel Amburana Cask Finished Rye S1B31

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750ml, bottle

This Rare Character Single Barrel Amburana Cask Finished Rye S1B31 offers a unique twist. Distilled in Indiana and aged for over 6 years, it receives a special finishing touch in an Amburana cask from Brazil. Amburana casks are rare in the whiskey world, and this expression promises a bold flavor profile rich in cinnamon and baking spices.


Rye Whiskey Base (MGP Indiana, 6+ Years Aged)

Spicy Rye: This is the backbone of the flavor profile. Expect a prominent peppery spice that can range from mild to bold depending on the rye percentage in the mash bill.

Caramel & Vanilla: These subtle notes likely come from the initial aging in charred oak barrels. They add sweetness and complexity, balancing the rye spice.

Fruity Notes: Depending on the rye grain used and fermentation process, you might encounter hints of apple, pear, or even citrus, adding a touch of freshness.

Amburana Cask Finish (Brazilian Wood)

This is the exciting part, potentially introducing a whole new dimension to the rye whiskey base. Amburana wood is known for its intense spice contributions, particularly:

Cinnamon: The dominant flavor expected. Imagine a pronounced cinnamon character, like a warm spice cookie or a freshly baked Cinnabon roll. The intensity can vary depending on the cask’s char level and how long the whiskey finished in it.

Other Baking Spices: Hints of clove, nutmeg, allspice, and even ginger might emerge, complementing the cinnamon and adding depth. Imagine a warm spice explosion on the palate.

Fruity Notes: Amburana casks can also impart subtle hints of fruits like apricot or cherry, creating an intriguing interplay with the rye’s potential fruity notes.

Sweetness: Some describe a subtle honey-like sweetness from Amburana casks, which could further balance the spice and add complexity.

Balance and Complexity

The key to Rare Character Single Barrel Amburana Cask Finished Rye S1B31 is achieving a balance between the rye whiskey base and the Amburana cask influence. Ideally, the cinnamon and baking spice notes from the Amburana shouldn’t completely overpower the rye character. The rye spice should still be present, adding complexity and a peppery kick to the overall profile. The underlying sweetness from the rye and Amburana can help round out the experience.


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Rare Character


750ml, bottle


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