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Redemption Rye Whiskey

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750ml, bottle

Redemption Rye is a spicy American rye whiskey inspired by pre-Prohibition recipes. Made with a high rye mash bill (95% rye!), it offers a bold rye flavor with hints of citrus, mint, and baking spices. Affordable and versatile, it's great for sipping neat or in classic cocktails.


Redemption Rye is a bold American rye whiskey that harks back to a bygone era. Inspired by pre-Prohibition recipes, where rye whiskey reigned supreme, this spirit boasts a rye mash bill of a whopping 95%. This high rye content translates into a flavor profile bursting with character.

Aromatic Adventure

As you raise the glass to your nose, the rye spice takes center stage. But Redemption Rye isn’t a one-note wonder. Hints of delicate florals and citrus peek through, adding a touch of elegance to the peppery rye. Imagine a rye field swaying in the summer breeze, accented by the fragrant kiss of orange blossoms.

Flavorful Journey

The rye spice carries over onto the palate, mingling with unexpected delights. Toasted pecans add a nutty richness, while crisp red apples offer a refreshing counterpoint. Baking spices like cinnamon, clove, and allspice weave their magic in the background, hinting at warm apple pie. The sweetness is subtle and fleeting, leaving a clean slate for the next sip.

Smooth Finish

Redemption Rye might be young, but its age doesn’t define its drinkability. The expert aging in new charred American oak barrels mellows the rye’s bite, resulting in a surprisingly smooth texture. 

Versatility Defined

Redemption Rye’s bold rye character makes it a perfect sipper for those who enjoy a spicy kick. But its affordability and well-rounded flavor profile also make it a fantastic choice for crafting classic cocktails. Imagine a Manhattan that explodes with rye spice or a Sazerac that gets a delightful citrus twist from Redemption Rye.

A Rye Revival for Every Occasion

Whether you’re a rye whiskey aficionado or just starting to explore the world of rye, Redemption Rye offers something special. It’s a rye revival in every sip, a chance to rediscover America’s original favorite spirit and create new rye-inspired memories.

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Redemption Whiskey


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Big and spicy, toasted oak, vegetal notes, all spice and anise



Beautiful Rye spice with light floral and citrus notes along with dark spices and black pepper



Slight mint finish makes this great for sipping or mixing in a classic cocktail