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Remus Repeal Reserve Bourbon 375ml Gift Box


4 pack, 375ml bottles

Remus Repeal Reserve Bourbon 375ml Gift Box is a luxurious gift set featuring four 375ml bottles of award-winning Remus Repeal Reserve Bourbon: Series I, II, III, and IV. Each represents a unique expression of the Remus Repeal portfolio, perfect for the bourbon enthusiast to explore.


The Remus Repeal Reserve Bourbon 375ml Gift Box offers a unique opportunity to explore the nuanced flavors of this award-winning brand through four distinct expressions: Series I, II, III, and IV. Each Series boasts a different grain bill and barrel aging process, resulting in a fascinating spectrum of taste profiles for the bourbon aficionado.

Series I

This wheated bourbon is known for its smooth and approachable character. Expect a creamy mouthfeel with notes of vanilla bean, honey, and hints of citrus. The finish is said to be lingering and slightly peppery.

Series II

This high-rye bourbon is known for its bold and spicy profile. Look for notes of cinnamon, clove, and baking spice alongside hints of caramel and dried fruit. The rye influence adds a distinct peppery character that lingers on the finish.

Series III

This wheated bourbon utilizes a higher corn content compared to Series I. The result is a richer and sweeter flavor profile with notes of brown sugar, toasted pecan, and hints of cocoa. The finish is reported to be smooth and warming.

Series IV

This is the most limited-edition and high-proof offering in the collection. Aged for an undisclosed time, it’s rumored to be the most complex expression. Expect a concentrated flavor profile with notes of dark fruit, oak char, leather, and hints of tobacco. The finish is said to be long and warming.


This gift set provides a captivating journey through the Remus Repeal Reserve portfolio. Each Series offers a unique glimpse into the impact of grain bill and aging on bourbon flavor. With its range of profiles, from smooth and approachable to bold and complex, this set is a perfect gift for the bourbon enthusiast who appreciates exploring the nuances of this American spirit.

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Remus Bourbon


4 pack, 375ml bottles


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Tasting Notes

Series i

Series i

Buttery toffee and honeyed smoothness that leads to a bold spiciness, finishing with notes of raisin, fig and toffee.

Series ii

Series ii

Maple with vanilla, caramel, toasted oak and bold spice, with a harmonious palate of sweet vanilla, caramelized brown spice, vanilla, smoke and maple on the finish.

Series iii

Series iii

Caramel, candied fruit, chocolate, baking spice, smoke and leather, leading to a smooth finish with notes of caramel, and a hint of rye.

Series iv

Series iv

Rich caramel, candied fruit, spice and toasted oak, finishing with baking spices and oak, as the rye lingers slightly longer.