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Sagamore Spirit Cognac Finish Rye Whiskey


750ml, bottle

Sagamore Spirit Cognac Finish Rye Whiskey is a unique and innovative expression that marries the bold spice of Maryland rye whiskey with the subtle sweetness and complexity of French cognac. This rye whiskey is finished in ex-cognac casks, infusing it with intriguing layers of flavor that set it apart from traditional rye offerings. Perfect for sipping neat or savoring in an Old Fashioned with a twist, Sagamore Spirit Cognac Finish offers a sophisticated drinking experience.



Initial Impression: The rye character greets you first, offering a welcoming wave of black pepper, cinnamon, and clove. These familiar spicy notes are the calling card of rye whiskey. But then, something unexpected emerges. Hints of dried fruit like apricot, raisin, or even prune start to appear, influenced by the cognac cask finish. This adds a surprising layer of sweetness and complexity that immediately sets Sagamore Spirit apart.

Deeper Sniffs: As you delve deeper, a delicate interplay of aromas unfolds. The rye spice remains present, but it’s balanced by the subtle sweetness of vanilla and honey, likely contributions from the cognac casks and the rye’s own aging process. Depending on the specific batch, a touch of chocolate might emerge, adding a hint of richness and intrigue. The overall aroma is a captivating conversation between American boldness and French sophistication.


First Sip: The medium body offers a satisfying weight on the tongue without being overwhelming. The 101 proof (50.5% ABV) delivers a noticeable warmth that compliments the flavor profile. The initial taste is where the rye shines. Black pepper, cinnamon, and clove dance on your palate, offering the expected rye experience. But then, the cognac cask whispers its secrets. Hints of dried fruit like apricot or raisin introduce a touch of sweetness that cuts through the spice, creating a delightful surprise. The vanilla and honey notes become more apparent, adding a layer of smooth richness.

Midpalate: As the whiskey opens up, the complexity truly takes center stage. The rye spice remains the backbone, but it’s no longer the sole protagonist. The cognac influence becomes more pronounced, revealing hints of floral notes or even a touch of grapey sweetness. Some enthusiasts detect a subtle oaky character, a reminder of the time spent maturing in both rye and cognac casks. The overall impression is one of delightful harmony between the boldness of American rye and the subtle sweetness of French cognac.


Lingering Flavors: The rye spice gradually fades, leaving a pleasant warmth and a touch of dryness on the palate. Hints of dried fruit like raisin or prune linger alongside a subtle vanilla sweetness. The oaky character might make a final appearance, reminding you of the whiskey’s journey. The overall finish is medium-length, allowing the flavors to linger without being overpowering.

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Sagamore Spirit


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Fruit forward with apple, smooth vanilla, and brown sugar. Warm oak finish with lingering, velvety spice.



Golden amber.



Pear and apricot, bold spice with aromas of cinnamon and vanilla.