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Shanky’s Whip

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750ml, bottle

Shankys Whip is a unique liqueur flavored with Irish whiskey, caramel, and vanilla. Hailing from County Cavan, Ireland, this spirit boasts a rich, complex flavor profile that's both smooth and easy to drink. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or mixed into your favorite cocktails for a touch of creamy, decadent flair.


Shanky’s Whip is an Irish liqueur that weaves a delightful tapestry of flavors. Imagine the rich warmth of a well-aged Irish whiskey, its notes of toasted oak and vanilla mingling with hints of spice and honey. This forms the base upon which a cascade of sweetness unfolds. The smooth caramel adds a luscious richness, reminiscent of buttery toffee and creamy candies. Then comes the gentle touch of vanilla, a familiar comfort that complements the caramel without overpowering it.

Some enthusiasts detect a whisper of blackcurrant in the mix, even though it’s not an actual ingredient. This phantom note adds an intriguing hint of tartness, a subtle counterpoint to the overall sweetness. The result is a complex and balanced liqueur, where each element enhances the others, creating a truly memorable drinking experience.

Shanky’s Whip’s versatility shines through its adaptability. Enjoy it neat, savoring the full symphony of flavors as they dance on your palate. The initial sweetness gives way to the warming whiskey, leaving a lingering touch of vanilla and spice.  For a chilled experience, serve it on the rocks, where the ice chips temper the sweetness and allow the whiskey notes to come forward.

And for the cocktail connoisseur, Shanky’s Whip presents a world of possibilities. Its creamy sweetness can be used to create unique and delectable mixed drinks. Imagine incorporating it into a coffee martini for a touch of decadent flair, or using it to add depth and complexity to a classic Old Fashioned. The possibilities are endless, waiting to be explored by your adventurous spirit.


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Shanky's Whip


750ml, bottle


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