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Shortbarrel Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon S2B20

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750ml, bottle

Shortbarrel Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon S2B20 is a limited-edition, high-proof bourbon bottled straight from the barrel. Each bottle is unique, showcasing the variations in flavor from a single barrel. The unfiltered and uncut nature allows for a full-bodied and robust taste experience.


Since Shortbarrel S2B20 is a single barrel release, specific details about the taste profile can vary. However, we can expect a bold and flavorful bourbon due to the cask strength bottling. Here’s a general idea:

Grain Bill: The mash bill (grain recipe) is unknown, but typical bourbon mash bills include corn, rye, and malted barley. This might translate to flavors of sweetness from corn, spice from rye, and some grainy character from the malted barley.

Barrel Aging: The age is also unknown, but Shortbarrel often sources bourbons aged around 5-6 years. This suggests a balance between youthful vibrancy and some oak influence, potentially bringing notes of vanilla, caramel, and baking spices.

Cask Strength: Bottling at cask strength means the bourbon is not diluted with water after aging. This results in a more concentrated and potentially boozier flavor profile, highlighting the whiskey’s natural characteristics.

Other Aspects

Color: Expect a rich amber color, a sign of maturation in the barrel.

Aroma: The nose might offer hints of vanilla, caramel, baking spices, and maybe some fruity notes depending on the grain bill and barrel influence.

Finish: The finish should be long and lingering, reflecting the concentrated flavors of the cask strength bottling.

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750ml, bottle


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