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Smooth Ambler Founders’ Cask Strength Series Rye Whiskey


750ml, bottle

Smooth Ambler Founders Cask Strength Series Rye Whiskey is a spicy and flavorful expression crafted with 88% rye and 12% malted barley. Aged for at least five years, it's bottled at cask strength without chill filtration, offering a full-bodied and unadulterated taste of the rye grain.


A Spirited Exploration of Rye

Smooth Ambler’s Founders’ Cask Strength Rye Whiskey takes you on a journey through the heart of rye whiskey. The high rye content (88%) shines through with a robust spice that tingles on the tongue. Imagine a wave of peppery warmth followed by a pleasant herbal earthiness, like freshly cracked black pepper with a hint of dill. This spiciness is balanced beautifully by the subtle sweetness of the 12% malted barley, creating a harmonious interplay between rye’s boldness and malt’s gentle toastiness.

Aged Perfection

Five years of aging in charred oak barrels leave their mark on this rye. The char contributes notes of vanilla, caramel, and baking spice, adding a layer of complexity to the base rye character. Hints of cocoa emerge, a testament to the oak’s influence, while dried fruits like raisins and prunes peek through in the background, adding a touch of intrigue.

A Full-Bodied Experience

Bottled at cask strength, this rye whiskey boasts a powerful mouthfeel. The lack of chill filtration preserves the natural oils and textures, resulting in a rich and viscous experience. Each sip coats the tongue, inviting exploration of the flavor profile. As the whiskey warms, a touch of citrus might appear, a fleeting note that adds a refreshing lift to the overall profile.

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United States


West Virginia


Smooth Ambler


750ml, bottle


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