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Still Austin Cask Strength Bourbon

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750ml, bottle

This Texas-made Still Austin Cask Strength Bourbon is a bolder version of their standard release, "The Musician." Aged for around 2 years, it packs a punch with intense flavors and a long finish.  Although young, it has received acclaim for its maturity and complexity.



The initial aroma is a bold statement. It hits you with a wave of rich caramel, like a sticky toffee pudding, followed by warm vanilla and decadent fudge. Subtle hints of baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg peek through, alongside a touch of earthy caraway seed and a surprising note of pine or mint. Some tasters even pick up hints of dried orange or cranberry for a touch of fruitiness. But what truly sets this bourbon apart is the underlying note of “browned butter.” It’s a warm, nutty aroma that adds complexity and evokes the image of a maple butter cookie fresh from the oven.


The first sip is a full-bodied experience. Dense and oily, it coats your tongue with flavors that echo the nose. Rich caramel takes center stage, joined by vanilla and a hint of mocha. The rye influence starts to show itself here, with a subtle spicy kick of black pepper or cinnamon. As you savor the flavor, notes of toasted pecans, roasted coffee, and earthy dried grass emerge. Hints of dried cranberry and chocolate fudge add a touch of complexity, creating a flavor profile reminiscent of a decadent coffee dessert. The oak influence is undeniable, adding a toasty dryness that balances the sweetness. Thankfully, it avoids any harshness often associated with young bourbons.


The finish is long and lingering, allowing all the complex flavors to play out on your palate. The oak comes to the forefront here, leaving a pleasant dryness alongside lingering notes of caramel, spice, and a hint of fruit. It’s a satisfying conclusion that leaves you wanting another sip.

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Still Austin Whiskey Co.


750ml, bottle


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