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Still Austin Straight Rye Whiskey “The Artist”


750ml, bottle

"The Artist" is a straight rye whiskey crafted by Still Austin in Texas. Still Austin Straight Rye Whiskey "The Artist" is made with 100% Texas rye grain, it's aged for at least two years and bottled at 99.6 proof. This young rye whiskey boasts a bold flavor profile, perfect for adventurous whiskey drinkers or those seeking a spicy rye experience.


Since it’s a young rye whiskey, expect a bold and assertive flavor profile. The rye grain takes center stage, contributing:

Spicy Rye

This is the star of the show. Expect a prominent peppery spice that can linger on the finish. The intensity might be surprising compared to older rye whiskeys.

Fruity Notes

Despite its youth, hints of apple, pear, or even citrus might be present, adding a touch of complexity.


The use of new charred oak barrels for aging might introduce notes of vanilla, caramel, and a hint of smokiness.

Herbal Notes

Some young rye whiskeys can exhibit grassy or herbal notes, adding another layer to the flavor profile.

Overall Experience

Still Austin Straight Rye Whiskey “The Artist” is a bold and spicy rye whiskey for those who enjoy a kick. The young age means a more prominent rye spice character, balanced by potential hints of fruit, char, and herbal notes. This rye is perfect for sipping neat or using in cocktails that can handle its assertive flavor.

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Still Austin Whiskey Co.


750ml, bottle


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