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Sugarlands Bristol Motor Speedway 60th Anniversary Corn Whiskey

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60ml, bottle

Sugarlands Distillery commemorates 60 years of racing at Bristol Motor Speedway with the release of the exclusive Sugarlands Bristol Motor Speedway 60th Anniversary Corn Whiskey. This unaged spirit is reminiscent of the moonshine traditionally produced in the Appalachian region, offering a taste of history with a NASCAR twist.


The Nose

Take a deep breath, and you’ll be greeted by a wave of freshly shucked corn. It’s a sweet and earthy aroma, reminiscent of summer cornfields. Digging deeper, a hint of peppery spice might tickle your nose, potentially alluding to rye grains used in the mash bill (though the official details only mention corn). Since it’s unaged, there’s no presence of oak or other barrel-derived aromas.

The Palate

The first sip delivers a punch of sweet corn flavor that explodes on the tongue. Imagine biting into a juicy cob – that’s the kind of intensity you can expect. The sweetness is prominent and unrefined, a characteristic of unaged corn whiskey. Depending on your palate, you might detect a touch of honey or vanilla, but these notes are subtle compared to the dominant corn character. As the sweetness subsides, a hint of warming spice might emerge, like a whisper of black pepper or rye spice. This adds a touch of complexity, but keep in mind it won’t overpower the upfront corn flavor.

The Finish

The finish of Sugarlands Bristol Motor Speedway Corn Whiskey is relatively short and crisp. The sweetness from the corn fades quickly, leaving a lingering warmth from the alcohol. The peppery spice might linger slightly as well, creating a tingle on the tongue. Since there’s no barrel aging, there’s no oaky dryness or tannins to balance the sweetness and spice – it’s a more straightforward and unrefined experience.

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60ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



It's a traditional, unaged whiskey reminiscent of the spirits bootlegged throughout Appalachia with a crisp, clean, sweet corn flavor.