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Teerenpeli Portti Finnish Single Malt Whisky


750ml, bottle

Teerenpeli Portti is a Finnish single malt whisky aged in bourbon barrels for 3-4 years, then further matured in port wine casks for an additional 1.5 years. This results in a whisky with a fruity and sweet character, with notes of roasted sugar, malt, toffee, plums, and cherries.


Pour yourself a glass of Portti and let the deep reddish gold color entice you. On the nose, a delightful wave of aromas greets you. Sweetness dominates with notes of roasted sugar, malt, and toffee, interlaced with hints of juicy plums, cherries, and even a touch of red wine. 

As the whisky reaches your palate, the initial sweetness unfolds further, revealing flavors of ripe berries and a hint of vanilla. But Portti isn’t all about sweetness. A gentle touch of peppery spice and subtle wood char emerge, adding complexity and preventing the dram from becoming cloying. This interplay between sweet, fruity notes and a touch of peppery heat creates a truly captivating experience.

The lingering finish leaves behind a pleasant warmth and a lasting memory of the harmonious blend of fruit and spice. The 43% alcohol by volume contributes to the overall richness and depth of the experience.

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Product Type



Single Malt






93 Points by IWSC


Teerenpeli Distillery


750ml, bottle


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