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The Barrel Outfit

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200ml, bottle

The Barrel Outfit is a curated selection of three, 200ml bottles of American craft whiskeys from different distilleries. Each bottle features a QR code that unlocks a virtual tasting experience with the distillery's story and master distiller.


The Barrel Outfit is your passport to the world of American craft whiskeys.  This curated selection features three 200ml bottles from various regions and distilleries, each showcasing unique characteristics.  Unsure if you prefer the bold smokiness of a rye whiskey or the smooth sweetness of a bourbon? The Barrel Outfit lets you explore both and discover your new favorite.


Taste Notes:


Variety is the spice of life: With each box, you might encounter a peppery rye whiskey with hints of spice and caramel, a wheated bourbon boasting notes of vanilla and honey, or a smooth Tennessee whiskey with a touch of toasted oak.


Beyond the bottle: The QR code on each bottle unlocks a virtual experience where you’ll meet the master distiller, learn about the distillery’s history, and get guided tasting notes specific to the whiskey in your hand. Become an instant whiskey connoisseur!

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200ml, bottle


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