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The Cardrona Single Malt Whisky – Growing Wings – Solera


375ml, bottle

The Cardrona's Growing Wings Malt Whisky Solera is a natural cask-strength celebration of maturation. This New Zealand single malt whisky combines whisky aged in ex-bourbon barrels and ex-oloroso sherry butts using the solera method. The result is a complex and well-rounded whisky with hints of vanilla, spice, and fruit.


The solera method creates a unique flavor profile by continuously blending aged whisky with younger parcels. Here’s what you might expect in Growing Wings Solera:

Vanilla & Spice

From the ex-bourbon barrels, expect notes of creamy vanilla, along with hints of baking spices like clove or nutmeg.

Sherry Influence

The ex-oloroso sherry butts contribute dried fruit character (raisin, fig), nutty notes (almond, walnut), and potentially a touch of chocolatey richness.

Malty Core

The single malt base adds a grainy sweetness and a touch of biscuit character.

Solera Impact

The solera method promotes smoothness and complexity, with a seamless integration of different aging stages.

Additional information

Product Type



Single Malt




New Zealand


World Whiskies Awards Category Single Malt, Silver World Whiskies Awards Category Single Malt, Design Silver


Cardrona Distillery


375ml, bottle


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