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The Glenlivet Enigma

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750ml, bottle

The Glenlivet Enigma is a single malt Scotch whisky shrouded in mystery. Unlike most Glenlivet offerings, it boasts no age statement or cask information. This unique expression challenges whisky enthusiasts to decipher its secrets through taste alone. Presented in a sleek, matte black bottle, the Enigma promises a captivating and unexpected experience.


A Journey Through Aroma

The first step in unraveling the Enigma is by nosing the dram. While details are scarce, some dedicated tasters have discovered intriguing clues. Hints of fruit likely take center stage, with whispers of melon, juicy pineapple, or perhaps even baked red apple emerging. These fruity notes might be intertwined with a touch of floral elegance, like delicate violets, adding a touch of complexity. Depending on the maturation process, a hint of spice might also peek through, piquing your curiosity.

A Dance on the Palate

The first sip of the Enigma promises to be an adventure. Given the lack of information, it’s likely a bold and complex dram. The high ABV of 60.6% suggests a powerful spirit, best approached with a touch of water or enjoyed neat by experienced palates. Initial flavors might present a continuation of the fruity notes detected on the nose. Imagine a wave of juicy pears or a burst of sweet pineapple tantalizing your taste buds. However, the mystery deepens as these fruity notes are likely interwoven with a surprising element – spice. Hints of ginger, licorice root, or even a touch of fresh mint might emerge, adding an unexpected twist and depth to the flavor profile.

A Lingering Farewell

The finish of the Enigma is a journey in itself. While specifics remain elusive, some suggest a long and refreshing conclusion. The initial sweetness of the fruit and the intrigue of the spice might linger on the tongue, leaving a lasting impression. The high alcohol content might initially present a touch of warmth, but it’s expected to fade into a smooth and satisfying finish.

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The Glenlivet


750ml, bottle


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