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The Macallan Triple Cask Matured 12 Years Old Single Malt Whisky


750ml, bottle

The Macallan Triple Cask Matured 12 Years Old Single Malt Whisky offers a light and vibrant introduction to the world of Macallan. Crafted using a signature triple cask maturation process that incorporates European and American sherry-seasoned oak casks along with American ex-bourbon casks, this whisky delivers a complex yet approachable flavor profile. Perfect for sipping neat or using in classic cocktails, this expression is a great starting point for Macallan enthusiasts and whisky newcomers alike.



Initial Impression: Prepare for a light and inviting arrival. The influence of the sherry casks is immediately noticeable, offering hints of dried fruit like raisin and golden raisin, along with a touch of honey sweetness.  As you hold the glass closer, a wave of fresh citrus notes emerges, with hints of lemon zest and maybe even a touch of orange peel.  These fruity notes are balanced by a delicate underlying sweetness reminiscent of vanilla bean and a whisper of nutmeg.

Deeper Sniffs: As you delve deeper, the complexity of the triple cask maturation unfolds. The American ex-bourbon casks contribute a subtle hint of vanilla extract and toasted oak character.  A touch of baking spice, like cinnamon or nutmeg, might also peek through, adding a hint of warmth.  The sherry influence remains prominent, but subtle hints of chocolate or toffee might emerge, hinting at the richer notes that develop with longer aging.


First Sip: The light to medium-bodied character offers a delicate and inviting mouthfeel.  The 40% ABV provides a gentle warmth that complements the flavors without overwhelming them. The initial taste is a delightful explosion of citrus and fruit.  Look for a burst of lemon and melon sweetness, balanced beautifully by the subtle honeyed character from the sherry casks.  Hints of vanilla emerge from the ex-bourbon casks, adding a touch of creamy sweetness.

Midpalate: As the whiskey opens up, the oak influence becomes more noticeable. Hints of vanilla bean and toasted wood shavings emerge, mingling with the lingering citrus and fruit notes.  The sherry influence takes center stage again, offering a subtle dried fruit character like raisin or prune.  A touch of baking spice, like nutmeg or cinnamon, might dance on the palate, adding a hint of complexity.  The overall impression is one of balance and harmony, with all the elements working together seamlessly.


Lingering Flavors: The sweetness fades gradually, leaving a medium-length finish. The oak character lingers with hints of vanilla bean and toasted wood. A whisper of dried fruit and a touch of spice might also linger in the background, offering a pleasant reminder of the complex interplay of flavors. The gentle warmth from the alcohol fades slowly, leaving a clean and satisfying conclusion.

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Single Malt








The Macallan


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Hints of vanilla, melon and lemon zest



Lingering with melon, papaya, fresh oak and oak spice



Balanced with lemon citrus, fresh fruits, vanilla, light toasted oak and nutmeg.