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Three Chord Blended Bourbon

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750ml, bottle

Three Chord Blended Bourbon takes inspiration from music, aiming to create a complex and well-rounded drinking experience. It blends up to 12-year-old straight bourbons from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana, resulting in a symphony of rich taste with notes of maple, caramel, and vanilla. This easy-drinking bourbon is perfect for sipping neat, savoring the blend's unique character.



Initial Impression: Look for a welcoming sweetness with prominent notes of maple syrup and brown sugar. Hints of vanilla extract add a touch of complexity, hinting at the influence of Tennessee and Indiana bourbons. Some reviewers detect a subtle graininess, a reminder of the underlying cereal base.

Deeper Sniffs: As you take a deeper breath, expect the oak influence to emerge. Hints of toasted wood and baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg might become apparent, reflecting the aging process. A touch of fruitiness, perhaps like dried cherries, could also be present, depending on the specific barrels used in the blend.


First Sip: The lower proof (81 proof) ensures a smooth and easy entrance. The sweetness hits first, with prominent notes of maple syrup and caramel. Hints of vanilla bean add a creamy quality, while baking spices like clove or allspice offer a touch of warmth.

Midpalate: As the bourbon opens up, the oak influence becomes more noticeable. Expect subtle hints of toasted wood and tannic dryness, adding complexity to the sweetness. Depending on the specific blend, subtle fruit notes or a hint of peppery spice from rye grain used in some source bourbons might emerge.


Lingering Flavors: The sweetness fades gradually, leaving a pleasant warmth and a touch of oaky dryness on the palate. Hints of vanilla and baking spice linger alongside a subtle maple syrup sweetness. The lower alcohol content contributes to a smooth and easy finish, inviting another sip.

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Three Chord Bourbon


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Aroma's of sweet maple syrup, caramel and vanilla.



Complex, grassy, slightly sweet with hints of spice that gives way to a light citrus fruit and a mild charred oak.



Three Chord Blended Bourbon finishes with a silky mouth feel, herbaceous mint, and a mild pleasing hug.