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VHW Port Cask Finished Whisky

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750ml, bottle

VHW Port Cask Finished Whisky is a unique and flavorful whiskey that combines American single malt whisky made on-site in Virginia with aged Scotch malt whisky. It's then finished in Port casks for at least 12 months, resulting in a smooth, rich flavor profile with hints of dark fruit and spice.


VHW Port Cask Finished Whisky takes you on a global whisky journey. Crafted with 100% malted barley, it starts with a base of American single malt whisky distilled in Virginia. This is then expertly married with aged Scotch malt whisky, bringing a touch of time-honored tradition. But the magic truly unfolds during the finishing touch. For a minimum of twelve months, this whisky rests in Port casks, both from Virginia and Portugal. These casks, previously used to age fortified wine, imbue the whisky with a rich tapestry of flavor.

The resulting spirit boasts a beautiful coppery gold color, hinting at the treasures within. On the nose, a delightful medley awaits. Imagine honey-dipped figs, toasted walnuts, and crisp green apples, all intertwined with a subtle whisper of smoke. This smoky nuance complements the sweetness of the fruit, creating a captivating intrigue.

The taste buds are treated to a continuation of this delightful dance. The initial sweetness gives way to rich notes of cocoa, like decadent dark chocolate. Hints of cinnamon and clove add a warming spice, while the oak from the casks provides a sturdy foundation. As the whisky lingers on the palate, a touch of caramelized sugar emerges, leaving a pleasant and lasting impression.

VHW Port Cask Finished Whisky is a testament to the art of blending. It brings together American ingenuity, Scottish heritage, and the unique influence of Port casks. The result is a complex and rewarding whisky, perfect for sipping neat and savoring the journey it takes you on.  This award-winning spirit is sure to impress whisky enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike, offering a depth of flavor that transcends borders.

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Single Malt


United States




Virginia Distillery Company


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Coppery gold in color, this whisky offers aromas of honeyed fig, walnut and apple



Barrel smoke mingles with sweetness from the fruit, developing into cocoa and melding into cinnamon and clove.



The smooth finish lingers with hints of caramelized sugar.