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Virginia Distillery Co. Scholar’s Craft Coffee Cask

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750ml, bottle

Virginia Distillery Co. Scholar's Craft Coffee Cask is a limited-edition, American single malt whiskey supporting women in distilling. Made with 100% malted barley, it's aged in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in coffee casks for a unique flavor profile that combines classic whiskey notes with hints of coffee.


Flavor Profile Breakdown

Base Whiskey

Malted Barley: Being a single malt, expect a prominent malty character with notes of biscuit, bread dough, and maybe even a hint of honey.

Ex-Bourbon Barrel Aging (6 years): This contributes significant flavors. Look for vanilla, caramel, baking spices (like clove), and potentially some subtle coconut notes. The oak influence might also bring a touch of dryness and tannins.

Coffee Cask Finish (5 months)

This is the exciting part! The coffee casks likely imparted:

Coffee Character: The star of the show! Expect notes of roasted coffee beans, with a spectrum depending on the roast used. Lighter roasts may present brighter, fruitier notes, while darker roasts could bring a more intense, chocolatey character.

Mocha: Hints of chocolate can arise from the interaction of the coffee with the whiskey and potentially the oak.

Fruity Notes: Depending on the coffee bean origin and roast, you might encounter subtle hints of fruits like cherry, plum, or citrus.

Balance and Complexity

The key to Scholar’s Craft Coffee Cask is achieving a balance between the classic whiskey notes and the coffee influence. The aging period suggests the whiskey will be the foundation, with the coffee adding an exciting twist without overpowering the base flavors.

Additional information

Product Type



Single Malt




United States




Virginia Distillery Company


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Aromas of creamy vanilla and coffee merge into freshly roasted coffee, delicate cinnamon and earthy mocha notes.