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Whisky 1970 George Dickel


750ml, bottle

This rare bottle of Whisky 1970 George Dickel is believed to be from the 1970s and is an Italian import. The exact age is unknown, but considering it was bottled sometime in the 1970s, it's likely aged for at least several years.


This rare bottle of George Dickel, believed to hail from the 1970s, offers a captivating glimpse into whiskey history.  Hailing from Tennessee, it’s a Tennessee Sour Mash whiskey, a style renowned for its smooth, mellow character. While the exact age remains a mystery, the estimated 1970s bottling suggests years of patient maturation, allowing the whiskey to develop rich complexities.

Imagine swirling the amber liquid in your glass, releasing aromas that might hint at vanilla, caramel, and subtle oaky notes, perhaps intertwined with a touch of spice. The first sip could unveil a wave of mellow sweetness, characteristic of Tennessee Sour Mash. Hints of fruit, like apple or pear, might emerge, balanced by the gentle warmth of alcohol (45% ABV). The signature charcoal mellowing process, a cornerstone of George Dickel whiskey, would likely have softened any harsh edges, leaving a luxuriously smooth and easy-drinking experience.

As you savor this vintage Dickel, let your mind wander back to the 1970s. Consider the cultural landscape, the music, and the events of that era. This bottle transcends being just a whiskey; it’s a potential conversation starter and a chance to connect with a bygone time.

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Tennessee Whiskey




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George Dickel


750ml, bottle


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