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Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye

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750ml, bottle

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye is a small-batch, barrel-proof rye whiskey crafted by Master Distiller Eddie Russell. This award-winning rye is a blend of select, non-chill filtered rye whiskeys, aged to perfection in charred oak barrels for a rich and complex flavor profile.


Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye is a rye whiskey masterpiece by Master Distiller Eddie Russell. It embodies tradition with a touch of innovation. Here’s a closer look at what makes this rye so special:

The Blend

Unlike some single barrel ryes, Rare Breed is a small-batch blend. This means rye whiskeys aged between 4 and 8 years are carefully chosen for their unique qualities. Blending these creates a more complex and well-rounded flavor profile than a single barrel could offer.

Barrel-Proof and Unfiltered

This rye is bottled straight from the barrel at its natural proof, which typically falls around 112.2 proof (alcohol by volume). This avoids diluting the taste with water, resulting in a more robust and full-bodied experience. It’s also non-chill filtered, preserving the natural oils and textures that contribute to the rye’s richness.

The Flavor Journey

The magic of Rare Breed Rye lies in its flavor profile. It starts with a sweet and inviting aroma of caramel apple, followed by hints of honey, vanilla, rye spice, and a touch of oak. As you sip, the sweetness transitions into a complex interplay of flavors. Toffee, brown sugar, and rye spice take center stage, accompanied by subtle notes of sourdough bread and a peppery kick. The finish lingers with a pleasant warmth, leaving behind lingering hints of clove, rye spice, and dried fruit.

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Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020, 97 Points


Wild Turkey


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Smooth and drawn-out, where lingering spice flavors mingle with dried fruit and a pleasant fading warmth.



Sweet caramel and fruit at the start that gives way to a complex flavor of wood and rye spices.



Starts sweet with caramel apple up front, followed by rich and complex layers of honey, vanilla, rye grain spice, and charred oak underneath.