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Woody Creek Distillers Rye

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750ml, bottle

Crafted in Colorado, Woody Creek Distillers Rye Whiskey is a straight rye whiskey made with 100% rye grain sourced from local farms. Aged for a minimum of four years in new American oak barrels, this rye whiskey offers a complex flavor profile with a smooth finish.


Woody Creek Distillers Rye takes you on a journey through Colorado’s mountainscape in a glass. Made entirely with rye grain sourced from trusted local farms, this straight rye whiskey undergoes a meticulous process to achieve its unique flavor profile. Aged for a minimum of four years in brand new American oak barrels, the rye interacts with the fresh char, picking up toasty notes alongside the inherent spice of the rye grain.

On the Nose

The first impression is surprising. Instead of the typical rye-forward punch, Woody Creek Rye greets you with a delightful citrus burst. Imagine orange zest and lemon peel mingling with a subtle hint of fresh-cut kiwi. This unexpected fruitiness gives way to a calming grassy note, reminiscent of a summer meadow after a refreshing morning shower.

On the Palate

The initial burst of citrus carries over to the taste, but with a twist. Sweet orchard fruits like pear and golden apple take center stage, accompanied by a hint of green tea-like tannins and a subtle herbaceousness. The rye spice, though present, plays a supporting role, adding a gentle warmth without overpowering the delicate sweetness. Think of a light dusting of white pepper on a bed of ripe fruit.

As the rye asserts itself further, a creamy vanilla note emerges, evolving into a rich, buttery toffee character. The orange peel from the nose makes a delightful comeback on the finish, lingering pleasantly in the back of your mouth. The entire experience is surprisingly smooth and well-rounded, showcasing the masterful blending of rye spice, fruit sweetness, and oaky undertones.


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Woody Creek Distillers


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Silky and creamy mouthfeel, full of character.



Slight warmth and pepper, exceptionally smooth.



Hints of vanilla and earthy sweetness.