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Weller Special Reserve Price, Size, & Best Guide (2024)

weller special reserve buying guide

Weller Special Reserve is one of the most well-loved spirits because of its undeniable smoothness.

Its sweet flavor profile has captured the hearts of every bourbon lover, not to mention its 13 awards from prestigious award-giving bodies.

By popular demand, here’s our review on Weller Special Reserve- price, tasting notes, and other interesting facts about the wheated bourbon. 

About Weller Special Reserve Bourbon 

Weller Special Reserve Bourbon

Weller Special Reserve Bourbon is an original wheated bourbon whiskey with an exceptionally smooth taste, substituting wheat for rye grain. It contains 45% ABV and is great for sipping or making cocktails. 

If you have a thing with sweet whiskeys, the flavor notes of Weller Special Reserve will hit the spot. The bourbon stands out, and its flavor profile is pleasing on the palate when you drink it. 

Interesting Facts: Weller Special Reserve Price 

Interesting Facts 

History & Origin

The Stitzel-Weller Distilling company created W.L Weller, and it is one of the three bottle expressions released on an ongoing basis. The bourbon is named after William Larue Weller, credited for using wheat in straight bourbon [1]. 

Production & Maturation

Bourbon Distillation Process

The unique mash bill will be cooked, fermented, and distilled at the Buffalo Trace distillery. It is distilled in large column stills using modern bourbon-making techniques and aged in new charred oak barrels between 4-7 years for its burnt orange color. 

Mash Bill

Corn is the primary grain of Weller Special Reserve, but instead of rye, the bourbon whiskey features wheat as the secondary grain.

The exact ratio of mash bill is not disclosed, but the smoothness of the spirit is a result of substituting the secondary grain. 

Ownership & Distillery

Sazerac House

The brand is owned by the Sazerac Company, home of 450 distilleries, and it operates in the US and other parts of the world [2].

Buffalo Trace Distillery is the producer of the spirit, and it is located in Kentucky, USA. Named after William Larue Weller, the distillery offers different W.L collections. 

Tasting Notes

  • PalateRich tasting notes of butterscotch, caramel, honey, vanilla, oak, light fruit, soft woodiness, and spices 
  • NoseClassic aroma of caramel, honey, and vanilla with a light trace of oak and floral notes pleasing on the nose
  • Color/HueBurnt orange 
  • FinishDelicate, calm, and pleasant finish with hints of honey and oak. 

Common Weller Special Reserve Price

Common Weller Special Reserve Bourbon Price
TypeSizeAlcohol By VolumeAverage Price
Weller Special Reserve Bourbon750 ml45%$84.99
1.75 L$251.99

*Average prices are based on Caskers online. Prices may vary in local liquor shops.

Compared to Other Bourbons 

Compared to Other Bourbons 

Redemption Wheated Bourbon

Redemption bourbon can be a cheaper alternative to the Weller bourbon because you can score a 750 ml bottle for roughly $45.99 on Drizly online. Redemption uses 45% winter wheat and contains 48% ABV, which is higher than Weller Reserve. 

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon

Old Elk is cheaper than Weller and more expensive than Redemption because a bottle may cost you approximately $69.99 on Drizly online.

Bottled at 92 proof, Old Ek is a delicious and well-balanced whiskey and is ideal for drinking neat because of its smoothness and sweetness on the nose and palate. 

Wheat Penny Bourbon

Wheat Penny Bourbon

A bottle of Wheat Penny is around $42.99 on Drizly online if you are looking for another good alternative. It has a savory flavor up front with notes of cinnamon, honey, oak, vanilla, mesquite smoke, and salted caramel spice. 


Popular Weller Special Reserve Bourbon Cocktail Recipes 

Popular Weller Special Reserve Bourbon Cocktail Recipes 


Prep Time: 5 mins 

Total Time: 5 mins


  • 2 oz Whiskey
  • 1 oz Italian vermouth
  • 2 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • Lemon twist/cherry (garnish)


In a mixing glass, stir whiskey, bitters, and vermouth with ice until chilled. Strain in a cocktail glass and top it off with a lemon twist and cocktail cherry. 

Serving: 1

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

Prep Time: 5 mins

Total Time: 5 mins


  • 2 oz whiskey
  • 1 tsp water
  • ½ tsp sugar
  • 3 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • Orange peel (garnish)


Get a rocks glass and dissolve the sugar and bitters in the water. Fill the glass with ice cubes, add the booze, and gently stir until combined. Top it off with an orange peel before serving. 

Serving: 1

FFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)AQs 

Is Weller Special Reserve rare?

Weller Special Reserve Bourbon is considered somewhat rare due to its popularity and limited availability in certain markets. Produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery, Weller Special Reserve shares many characteristics with the highly sought-after Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon, including its wheated mash bill and smooth, mellow flavor profile.

As a result, demand for Weller Special Reserve often exceeds supply, leading to scarcity and difficulty finding bottles in some regions.

However, with persistence and luck, enthusiasts may still be able to locate Weller Special Reserve at select retailers or through online platforms.

Is Weller Special Reserve like Pappy?

Weller Special Reserve Bourbon shares similarities with Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon due to their shared heritage and wheated mash bill. Both bourbons are produced at Buffalo Trace Distillery and are crafted using a combination of corn, wheat, and barley in their mash bills, resulting in a softer, smoother taste profile compared to bourbons made with rye.

Additionally, both Weller Special Reserve and Pappy Van Winkle are aged in charred oak barrels to develop rich flavors of caramel, vanilla, and oak.

While Weller Special Reserve is often considered a more accessible alternative to Pappy Van Winkle due to its lower price point and wider availability, it still offers a similar drinking experience and has garnered a dedicated following among bourbon enthusiasts.

Where can I find Weller Special Reserve Bourbon and how much does it usually cost?

Weller Special Reserve Bourbon can typically be found at well-stocked liquor stores, specialty bourbon shops, and online retailers that carry a diverse selection of whiskies. However, due to its popularity and limited availability, finding Weller Special Reserve may require some patience and persistence.

Prices for Weller Special Reserve can vary depending on factors such as location, retailer markup, and market demand. Generally, a bottle of Weller Special Reserve Bourbon ranges in price from $20 to $40 for a standard 750ml bottle.

It’s worth noting that prices may fluctuate, and some retailers may charge higher prices for limited-edition or allocated releases of Weller Special Reserve. Checking with local retailers and monitoring online listings can help you find Weller Special Reserve at a reasonable price.

Is Weller Special Reserve Bourbon considered affordable compared to other Bourbons?

Yes, Weller Special Reserve Bourbon is generally considered affordable compared to other bourbons, particularly those in the premium or limited-edition category.

With prices typically ranging from $20 to $40 for a standard 750ml bottle, Weller Special Reserve offers excellent value for its quality and taste. Its affordability makes it accessible to a wide range of bourbon enthusiasts, from newcomers looking to explore the world of whiskey to seasoned aficionados seeking an everyday sipper.

Despite its popularity and favorable reputation, Weller Special Reserve remains relatively budget-friendly compared to higher-priced bourbons, making it a popular choice for both casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike.

Does the price of Weller Special Reserve Bourbon fluctuate over time?

Yes, the price of Weller Special Reserve Bourbon can fluctuate over time due to various factors such as market demand, availability, and production costs. Like many other consumer goods, bourbon prices are influenced by supply and demand dynamics, with scarcity and high demand often leading to higher prices.

Additionally, factors such as changes in production methods, aging techniques, and barrel availability can affect the cost of producing Weller Special Reserve Bourbon, which may be reflected in retail prices.

While some fluctuations in price are normal and expected, dedicated enthusiasts may monitor the market closely to identify opportunities to purchase Weller Special Reserve at a favorable price.

Are there any factors that might influence the price of Weller Special Reserve Bourbon?

Several factors can influence the price of Weller Special Reserve Bourbon, including:
Market Demand: High demand for Weller Special Reserve Bourbon, driven by its popularity and favorable reviews, can lead to increased prices as retailers seek to capitalize on consumer interest.

Limited Availability: Weller Special Reserve Bourbon is produced in limited quantities, and availability may vary from region to region. Limited availability can create scarcity and drive up prices, particularly in markets where demand outpaces supply.

Production Costs: Changes in production methods, aging techniques, and ingredient costs can impact the overall cost of producing Weller Special Reserve Bourbon. These factors may influence pricing decisions by distilleries and retailers.

Seasonality and Special Releases: Seasonal fluctuations and special releases, such as limited-edition bottlings or allocated batches, can affect the price of Weller Special Reserve Bourbon. Collectors and enthusiasts may be willing to pay a premium for rare or unique expressions of Weller Special Reserve.

Overall, a combination of market forces, production factors, and consumer trends can influence the price of Weller Special Reserve Bourbon, leading to fluctuations over time.

Final Thoughts

Weller Special Reserve whiskey features an exceptionally pleasant and balanced flavor profile, thanks to its flavoring grain. The softer flavor notes make the wheated bourbon great to drink neat or on the rocks. 

The brand managed to maintain the rock-solid posture of the spirit as an easy-to-enjoy, sweet, and everyday pour spirit. Try one now! 


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  2. Sazerac Company
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